The Bristol Early Years Research website was designed to share the vast range of research happening in early years settings in the Bristol area.  It is also planned to be a resource for research-engaged early years professionals, and will feature inspirational case studies, reading lists, and other useful information to inspire and support researchers as their projects develop from inception through to publication.



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The Bristol Early Years website was a large project (100+ pages) which involved creating a website that would be a resource base and source of information and guidance for the Bristol Early Years professional community.  There is some amazing work happening in Bristol, and we were keen to share and showcase this through some great photos taken in a diverse range of settings throughout the city.  The greatest challenge of the website was to present vast amounts of information in an appealing way, and ensure that it was accessible and easy to find.  Feedback so far suggests that this has been achieved, and I continue to work with and support the Bristol Early Years community as this project evolves and grows.


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The International Veterinary Chiropractic Association (IVCA) website was designed to be a source of information and support for the global community of veterinary chiropractors.  In addition to this, it also serves as a directory of members and membership site.

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The Wicked Weather Watch website project had a very important remit.  It had to be appealing to children.  With young people being so technologically savvy, and having such high expectations from the digital world, it was important to create a website that could grab their attention from the offset and keep them coming back for more.  I have worked with an outstanding team on this project, who are not only passionate about the issues surrounding global warming, but are also highly creative in identifying ways to reach a primary school audience.

We wanted everything to be big and bold – and exciting!  The Arctic is an amazing place, and we were determined to get some of that wonder across through the website content.  We wanted to help our young audience feel as passionate about these issues as we do.  Using a combination of bright, funky colours, big fonts and gorgeous imagery I hope that we’ve created a website that will help to raise the important issues, be informative, and entertain.

The project has The Polar Ocean Challenge as a central focus as world-famous explorer David Hempleman-Adams tackles the challenge of navigating through the infamous Northwest Passage.  David Hempleman-Adams is the founder of Wicked Weather Watch.

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I have been working with a team at The Mead Academy Trust with various aspects of this project, including supporting the development of a digital app (by the brilliant people at 18a in Bristol) alongside a new website.  My brief was to create a website that represented the positivity of teaching and learning maths, especially for children who have fallen behind and need a little extra support to get up to speed again. The Maths Counts project is currently undergoing a national trial with backing from the Education Endowment Foundation and independent evaluation from the University of Durham.  The website is not only a source of information, but also enables Maths Counts participants to have easy access to a vast range of resources.  As part of the project, I also helped design many of the downloadable resources for the teachers involved in the project.

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I have been working with the Mead Teaching School on various projects over the last two years.  As a National Teaching School, an important part of their work is to share their outstanding practice with other schools, and to provide training and support where needed.  I designed the new Teaching School website and this is used not only to share details of The Mead’s innovative approach to education, but is also a tool to manage bookings for courses, publishing latest news and events and sharing resources with the wider school community.  I have been providing ongoing support for the website since it was built.

I have worked with Lucy on a number of projects as part of my role as Head of Teaching School at The Mead Academy Trust.  Projects have included the development of the Teaching School website, the Maths Counts website and The Mead Academy Trust website.  Lucy is also currently engaged in developing another website for a research and development project.  Lucy is great to work with!  She quickly understands concepts and the messages that need to be conveyed.  She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to all projects and is able to grasp exactly what is needed using creativity and flair to turn this into reality.  Lucy’s level of commitment and attention to detail is outstanding, which is why we return to her again and again  to lead on the development of new projects and maintain previous ones.

Lindsay Palmer, Head of the Mead Teaching School

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The Mead Academy Trust (TMAT) represents three primary schools in the Trowbridge area.  When an Academy Trust is formed, a school has a legal responsibility to ensure that information about the Trust is available and in the public domain.  I designed this website for the Trust with this in mind, but it was also conceived as a ‘mother ship’ to all the schools within TMAT.  I also designed three new school websites, which link into the TMAT website ensuring that the schools avoid the need to duplicate common information on three separate websites, freeing capacity for more school-based priorities.

Lucy is always professional, and incredibly responsive to our needs. She always replies quickly to a question, and thinks around a problem to come up with a creative solution that always meets our needs. She is friendly and helpful and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her.

Kyra Ings, The Mead Academy Trust

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The Mead Academy Trust

The Mead Community Primary School

River Mead School

Castle Mead School


I have been working closely with Spiral Associates (Bath) for a number of years, on a range of projects relating to education, but specifically the Early Years sector.  This work also involved (you guessed it) the design of their new website! Spiral Associates are educational consultants who work closely with Bristol City Council and other organisations on a wide range of projects and initiatives.

 Lucy is professional in all she does, bringing creativity and intelligence to her web design work. She works responsively, consistently producing high quality outcomes. Lucy’s communication skills are exemplary and she builds effective relationships with clients, adding capacity to ensure that project aims are fully met, and often exceeded!

Nicola Theobald, Senior Educational Consultant, Spiral Associates

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The amazing Clutter Cruncher changes lives by going into people’s homes and sorting out their stuff.  The brief was for a website that is extremely well organised and reflects the sense of order that she brings to her clients.  With a pre-existing brand, I built the website around the logo and existing colour scheme.

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Tetbury Pilates is a pilates studio in the centre of Tetbury.  The owner wanted to showcase images of her pilates equipment in action on the new website, and allow her clients easy access to timetables and information about their classes.  With a simple colour scheme and detailed images of reformers and other pilates equipment, this website helps to illustrate how a pilates regime can have a huge benefit on the wellbeing of TP’s clients.

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